Cat no. 9646

AHRC Anglia Television Oral Histories: Michael Cox (Lighting/Engineer)

Running time47:13 2007

Recorded 16 March 2007

Michael Cox interviewed by Stewart Orr 16/03/2007

Michael Cox joined Anglia TV at its inception as part of the lighting department. He installed the equipment in Anglia's newer studio on Magdalen Street, Norwich. He worked on Anglia programmes such as "Sale of the Century" and "Tales of the Unexpected".

Michael recalls how powerful the unions were and how strict the company hierarchy was. He reminisces about working with Dick Joice, saying he was a very nice, down-to-earth man. He contrasts the approach at Anglia - where people progressed through the ranks - to the attitude at the BBC, where cameramen needed a "PhD in optics to push a camera around".