Cat no. 9643

AHRC Anglia Television Oral Histories: Eddie Anderson (Presenter)

Running time1:54:04 2007

Recorded 5 June 2007

Eddie Anderson interviewed by Caroline Merz 05/06/2007.

Eddie talks about his days as a self-taught cameraman who received a researcher contract at Anglia, and was soon working with Dick Joice on the "Bygones" series. He remembers joining the company at a period of great expansion and comments on how strongly unionised it was.

Eddie describes "Bygones" as contrived "false memory syndrome" programmes, not cynical but creating fake nostalgia - but notes it was one of the most popular Anglia programmes ever made. Dick Joice himself took a very hands off role to the programme. Eddie notes that Anglia was initially very easy-going with lots of money available - it would often take two weeks to edit a half-hour programme.

Once Bygones had finished Eddie moved on to the current affairs department, and also had control of regional religious programming. He left in 2005 because of the company's shrinking.