Cat no. 9641

AHRC Anglia Television Oral Histories: Richard Bonser (Researcher/Director/Producer)

Running time1:22:12 2007

Recorded 24 May 2007

Richard Bonser interviewed by Caroline Merz 24/05/2007.

Richard Bonser developed an interest in film whilst at Cambridge, and was given the most junior role at Anglia TV, assistant film vault keeper. During his time there the company moved from film to tape, so he decided to become a researcher with the aim of becoming a director. He worked in the newsroom and the in the Current Affairs department under Malcolm Allsop. Later he became producer on the audience participation show "The Time...The Place". He gradually started directing in the late 1980s, and recalls how Anglia's directors were required to be all-rounders, doing everything including news.

Richard notes how Anglia's role gradually changed from a broadcast company to a production company, which helped it survive in Norwich whereas other ITV regional departments have closed down.