Cat no. 9638

AHRC Anglia Television Oral Histories: Gil Edgeley (Assistant Editor/Executive Producer)

Running time1:23:58 2007

Recorded 29 January 2007

Interviewed by Caroline Merz: 19/02/07

Gil Edgeley talks about his early days as a driver delivering film, and later an assistant film editor, in Soho, London, before his gradual progression through the ranks at Anglia TV, from assistant film editor to executive producer. He notes how he was the first assistant editor at Anglia to become a director.

Gil comments on the amateurish nature of Anglia TV in its early days, where it was seen as a "hobby" TV company for the board members, and then explains how budgets were slashed once Granada took over. He laments the gradual decline of the company and the loss of its regional remit, but notes how privileged he felt to work for what was initially exciting and well-paying company.