Cat no. 9635

AHRC Anglia Television Oral Histories: Colin Ewing (Researcher/Director/Programme Controller)

Running time1:59:09 2007

Recorded 5 February 2007

Colin Ewing interviewed by Caroline Merz, 05/02/2007.

Colin Ewing talks about his career at Anglia TV, beginning as a programme researcher in 1960. He notes the strong influence of farming and the countryside on Anglia's programming schedule, and mentions how powerful the unions were in influencing job appointments. Colin recalls his time directing documentaries abroad, including fond memories of Anglia's own private jet. He also talks about how the board was reluctant to appoint a controller of programmers because they "didn't want anyone else playing with their games", although he eventually became deputy and then full programme controller. He was also executive producer for "A Brief History of Time" and "Sleeping Beauty on Ice".