Cat no. 226525

British Cinema History Research Project Oral Histories: Kitty Wood (editor/continuity)


Kitty Wood (22 April 1922 - ?)
Interviewed by Jim Connock

Kitty Wood worked at the Hulton Press on magazines such as Picture Post before entering the film industry in 1941 as an assistant to Donald Carter at Gaumont-British Instructional in Shepherd’s Bush. She quickly graduated to film editing, although she also sometimes worked as a continuity girl. After the war she worked on a freelance basis until joining the Coal Board film department in 1958. She also worked for a period during the 1960s on commercials at World Wide Pictures Limited. She describes some of the films she was involved in making as being ‘on the very bottom rung of the feature world,’ - short films, second features and children’s films.

In this interview she talks to Jim Connock about the working culture at Gaumont-British Instructional under figures like Bruce Woolfe and Mary Field, she discusses the important relationship between the work of the continuity girl and the film editor, her memories of working with Lewis Gilbert, and she mentions some of the difficulties of working as a woman in the industry.