Cat no. 226507

British Cinema History Research Project Oral Histories: Ivor Montagu (film director/critic)

early 1980s

Ivor Montagu (23 April 1904 - 5 November 1984)
Interviewed by Ralph Bond.

Montagu is best known for his involvement in the Film Society in the 1920s, and his activities as a critic, producer and writer.

In this brief interview, which appears to pre-date the BECTU History Project, he talks (to Ralph Bond?) primarily about the production and reception of his documentary film 'Free Thaelmann' (1935). He touches on various issues, including censorship, funding for radical film making, the newsreels and library footage, and a comparison with the political documentary of the 1930s with modern television documentaries.

(Lawrence Napper, BCHRP)