Cat no. 226492

British Cinema History Research Project Oral Histories: William Fielder (distributor)


William Fielder (1893 - ?)

Born in 1893, Fielder was a clerk with the Baltic and Mercantile Shipping Exchange before joining up in the First World War. He served during the War, operating the searchlights at Dover, and in 1919, through a contact he'd made in the army, he joined Wardour Films as a log-book clerk. He stayed at Wardour Films, and had worked his way up to be General Manager by the time it was taken over by Pathe. Fielder retained his post at Pathe until his retirement in 1957.

In this extremely brief interview conducted by Sid Cole and Roy Fowler at Glebelands (the CTBF retirement home), Fielder talks about his early experiences and how he entered the industry. He briefly touches on the reason why he retired early, and on his contact with George Elvin. He is very lucid and his memory is good. It is a real disappointment that the interview is for some reason cut short.

(Lawrence Napper, BCHRP)