Cat no. 226488

British Cinema History Research Project Oral Histories: Eddie Dryhurst (scriptwriter)


Eddie Dryhurst (28 December 1904 - 7 March 1989)
Interviewed by Roy Fowler

Eddie Dryhust entered the film industry in the late 1910s as an office boy at Ideal Film Company. His directorial debut followed just a few years later in 1922, a two-reeler entitled 'Hims – Ancient and Modern' which he also co-wrote. In 1924 he relocated to Hollywood where he worked for various film companies, including a stint at Universal’s publicity department. On returning to Britain at the end of the decade he worked mainly as a screenwriter, eventually diversifying into film production with his own company, Edward Dryhurst Productions. His production credits include 'Noose' (1948) and 'The Romantic Age' (1949), both of which he co-wrote.

In this detailed interview with Roy Fowler, Dryhurst discusses his early career in British film during WWI and subsequent employment as an office boy at Ideal Studios. Responding to Fowler's rather direct line of questioning, he provides a great deal of information about the facilities and working culture at the studio. His relocation to America during the mid-1920s and impressions of the different filmmaking conditions offer enlightening reading, as do his recollections of quota film production in Britain during the 1930s. He refers to his autobiography on a number of occasions: 'Gilt Off the Gingerbread', Bachman & Turner, 1987.