Cat no. 226482

British Cinema History Research Project Oral Histories: Muriel Box (film director)


Muriel Box (22 September 1905 - 18 May 1991)

One of Britain's few female film directors, Muriel Box entered the British film industry working on continuity and scriptwriting. During the war she worked for Verity Films - a documentary company set up by her husband, Sydney Box, and later became the scenario editor at Gainsborough Studios. She directed her first feature film, 'The Happy Family' in 1952, and worked consistently in a variety of genres until 1964.

In this interview she talks to Sid Cole, chiefly about her directing career, particularly her work on 'The Happy Family', 'The Beachcomber', 'To Dorothy a Son', 'Simon and Laura', and 'The Truth About Women'. She discusses the difficulties she encountered as a female film director in a male dominated industry, and remembers several of her stars, including Robert Newton and Kay Kendall.

(Lawrence Napper, BCHRP)