Cat no. 226479

British Cinema History Research Project Oral Histories: Joy Batchelor (animator)


Joy Batchelor (12 May 1914 - 14 May 1991)

Born in Watford, Joy Batchelor worked as a freelance graphic artist and designer on various newspapers and magazines before meeting John Halas through a press advertisement for an animator. They married and together they formed Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films, making a variety of short animation films both for commercial advertising (particularly campaigns for J. Walter Thompson) and for the Ministry of Information throughout the Second World War. In the post war period Halas and Batchelor made a variety of films, including a feature length version of 'Animal Farm' (1954). They also became involved in ASIFA (Association Internationale Du Film d'Animation).

In this interview, Batchelor talks to Kay Mander about her career, commenting about other animators and their influence on her, from the early period up to the 1980s, and on the difficulties of running a small business and training animators. She discusses various techniques and aesthetics of animation, and touches on her interactions with the documentary movement and with the ACTT.

(Lawrence Napper, BCHRP)