School days

Aspects of the school day in mainstream and specialist state schools from the 1930s to the 1960s in films by a range of professional and amateur film makers. Is it possible to behave naturally when you are being filmed?

Cat no. 531

Milton Road Infant School

Running time16:33 c.1935 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

A typical day at a primary school including assembly with prayers, milk and cod liver oil, an afternoon nap, and games in the playground.

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Cat no. 965

My School

Running time16:05 Black & White Sound 1949 Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex

A broad and practical curriculum at this Essex secondary school in 1949 includes childcare, cookery and woodwork for both boys and girls. In 1952 the film maker, Lew Broom, made an ambitious film of H.G. Wells' 'The War of the Worlds' with the local community at Clacton.

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Cat no. 243

School Has Its Lighter Moments

Running time16:04 Black & White Silent c.1955 Gorleston, Norfolk

A silent film of activities throughout the day at the East Anglian School for Deaf and Blind Children.

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Cat no. 251

Mark Hall School

Running time6:03 Black & White Silent 1957 Harlow, Essex

A silent film of a big day for staff and pupils as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh inspect the new secondary school, the first to be built at Harlow new town.

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Cat no. 1167

Midday Adventure

Running time21:23 Black & White Sound c.1958 Essex

Cooking carrots and custard - this film about preparing and serving school dinners also provides a view of child nutrition and work for women with families.

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Cat no. 6625

I Want To Go To School

Running time30:05 Black & White Sound 1959 Luton, Bedfordshire

A professionally made film directed by John Krish for the National Union of Teachers presenting Beechwood County Primary Junior School, Luton.

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Cat no. 232

Fakenham Primary School - Children's Treasures

Running time6:33 Black & White Sound 1962 Fakenham, Norfolk

Children empty their pockets and display their most precious belongings in this television magazine film.

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Cat no. 244

East Anglian School For Partially Sighted And Deaf Children

Running time10:57 Black & White Sound c.1965 Gorleston, Norfolk

A sound film looking at some teaching techniques and the career prospects for pupils with a range of hearing problems.

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Cat no. 748

Mathematics And The Village

Running time19:37 Colour Sound 1967 Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

Mathematics is everywhere! Pupils of Cottenham Village College look at examples of shape, number and measurement around the school and the local community.

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