Mash-Up Filmmaking Competition

Monday 9th December 2020
The EAFA Mash-Up Filmmaking Competition will return in February 2020!

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In the meantime, please take a look at the winning entries for previous competition years, below.





Monday 16th November 2019

EAFA Mash-Up 2019 Winners

Theme: "Discovery"


Winning Entry in the '18 and Over' category

'Birds' by Benjamin Taylor







Winning Entry in the 'Under 18' category 

'The Discovery' by Jacob Warr










Monday, 16 September 2019


Mash-Up Filmmaking Competition 2019

Winners Announcement


A huge thank you to the filmmakers who entered this years competition, we loved watching each and every film!


The winners have now been selected, and are as follows:


Under 18 category:  Jake Warr


Over 18 category: Benjamin Taylor


Jake and Benjamin will each receive £250 cash, a subscription to Little White Lies magazine, and a pair of tickets to see their films premiered at the Norwich Film Festival this November. The winning entries will be preserved for the future in EAFA’s ‘digital vaults’, and made available to view on in due course. 




Monday, 18 February 2019


Mash-Up Filmmaking Competition 2019

Archive film provides a unique and rich source of creativity and inspiration.

EAFA invites you to create a new production choosing from

specially curated selection of archive material.


Competition Brief:


  • Make a short film between 1 and 5 minutes in duration.

  • At least 50% of the total duration of your film must consist of archive footage supplied by EAFA as part of the competition package.  You can use just one film clip from the package or as many as you wish.  The package of films can be previewed on our YouTube channel  (Note that these fims aren't downloadable.  Once we've received your completed entry form you will have access to non-watermarked material.)

  • You are free to combine the EAFA archive footage with material you have shot yourself, or add effects and audio-visual material sourced (with the necessary permissions) from elsewhere.

  • The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Discovery’.

We’ve purposefully left the theme a little open-ended; we’re really excited to see the different ways in which you interpret it.  Submissions won’t be judged on production values alone.  What we’re looking for is creativity, imagination, and overall how you chose to interact with the archive film.


Some T&Cs:


  • There is a limit of one entry per person.

  • Competitors must include a credit page at the end of their submitted production, listing the films from the EAFA competition package that have been used and include a title that reads “Produced for the East Anglian Film Archive Mashup Filmmaking Competition 2019”.

  • Competitors must also list on the credit page any other source material that was included as part of the production, and have sought all the necessary permissions pertaining to copyright.

  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) handout for clarifications.

  • Entries are further subject to these Terms & Conditions.




The winner in each category (‘Under 18s’ and ‘18 and Overs’) will win a £250 cash prize, a year's subscription to Little White Lies magazine and will have their film screened around the region including at this year’s Norwich Film Festival.  The films will be added to the EAFA’s collections, and preserved for posterity.  The films may also be published on our website at


How to enter:


Simply download and complete an entry form, or if you are under the age of 18, ask a parent/guardian to sign a consent form.


Key dates:


Launch date: Monday 18th February 2019.

Closing date for submissions: Friday 30th August 2019, 12pm.


For regular updates:


Follow us on Twitter Instagram and Facebook.


Please contact us for further information or clarifications:


By email at

By phone on (01603) 592664 


Happy filmmaking!





Monday, 15th September 2018

EAFA Mash-Up 2018 Winners

Theme: "Transformation"


Winning Entry in the '18 and Over' category

'Transformation' by Joseph Goode






The '18 and Overs' runner-ups were Kay Woods and Matthew Shenton.



Winning Entry in the 'Under 18' category 

'Versatile' by Lauren Fry





The 'Under 18' runner-ups were Kaira Bundock and Signals Media (Marley, Milo, and Alasdair).






Monday, 19 February 2018

Mash-Up Filmmaking Competition Trailer 2018






EAFA Mash-Up 2017 Winners and Finalists

Theme: "Today's The Day"


Winning Entry in the '18 and Over' category

'Labor Omnia Vincit (L.O.V.)' by Ella Finch



Winning Entry in the 'Under 18' category 

'Today's The Day' by Tierney Knights




Finalist in the '18 and Over' category

'My Family History by Jack' by Jack Sauverin




Finalist in the '18 and Over' category

'This' by Jess Marshall








EAFA Mash-Up 2015-16 Winners


Winning Entry in the '18 and Over' category

'An Incomplete Catalogue' by Lucy Cash


A monocle-wearing livestock fancier imagines a winning gamble; young Dora’s mind wanders far from the job in hand at the laundry workhouse, and as the sails turn on his windmill, stoic Mr MacFarlane muses on the weather.  With narration through title cards, the subtle addition of sound effects, and the perfectly knitting together of once seemingly disparate scenes, Lucy Cash recreates the day dreams of a band of colourful characters to produce the winning entry in the Over 18s category, “An Incomplete Catalogue … of escaped thoughts”.


Winning Entry in the 'Under 18' category

'Green Screen Time Masheen' by Signals Media



A group of teenagers worked with Signals Media Arts Centre to produce the winning film in the Under 18s category.  “Green Screen Time Masheen” is just that!  With tongue-in-cheek, the filmmakers travel back in time with the use of modern green screen digital technology.  Whether to mischievously swipe a pint of beer from a thirsty man, or spy on a Broads twitcher, the filmmakers are transported to the scenarios occupied in the archive footage, providing a quirky and tech-savvy winning film.


EAFA Mash-Up 2014 Winner

'Mother's Bake Night' by Yvonne Odell



Yvonne chose to combine excerpts from the 1950s short drama ‘Mirage’ – about a man’s knightmarish mission to quench his thirst - with audio visual material she created herself. The sound, a clash of notes, is influenced by the simple electronic suspense soundtracks of 70s horror movies.