University of East Anglia

The East Anglian Film Archive moved to the University of East Anglia in 1979 and formally became part of the University in 1984. The archive collection includes many films of aspects of this University, as well as the other prestigious universities and colleges of the region. These document the developments in architecture, staff and student expectations, and curriculum. The first intake of students at UEA arrived in 1963 so the ‘new university’ will be celebrating 50 years in 2013.

Cat no. 145793

Anglia News: Mr Thistlethwaite, appointed Vice Chancellor of the new University of East Anglia

Running time3:35 Black & White Sound 1961 Norwich, Norfolk

The newly appointed Vice Chancellor is interviewed by John McGregor of Anglia Television about plans for the new university.

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Cat no. 213000

About Anglia: Denys Lasdun Chosen To Design The New Norwich University

Running time7:39 Black & White Sound 1963 Norwich, Norfolk

The architect Denys Lasdun presents models of his design for the new University campus buildings including the iconic ziggurats, and his vision of the requirements for future university life.

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Cat no. 2346

UEA - Building of Village

Running time4:03 Colour Silent 1963 Norwich, Norfolk

Construction of the first University buildings at The Village, which became the temporary base for teaching while the main campus was constructed across the road in Earlham Park.

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Cat no. 2347

UEA Service

Running time2:33 Colour Silent 1966 Norwich, Norfolk

The first students arrived in 1963, and completed their degrees in 1966. This is the university service held at Norwich Cathedral. The academic dress for ceremonial occasions was designed by Cecil Beaton.

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Cat no. 224244

Anglia News: Possibility of Demonstration at Queen's University Visit

Running time1:26 Black & White Sound 1968 Norwich, Norfolk

The Vice Chancellor answers questions from an Anglia Television reporter about the possibility of anti-monarchy demonstrations at the forthcoming visit by the Queen.

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Cat no. 224247

Anglia News: Demonstrations at Queen's Visit to University of East Anglia

Running time2:23 Black & White Sound 1968 Norwich, Norfolk

The Queen’s visit to UEA is met by cheers, and mixed messages on placards and banner, as groups meet around campus to debate the issues raised by the occasion.

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Cat no. 1040

University Sit-In

Running time4:37 Black & White Sound 1971 Norwich, Norfolk

A BBC East news item about a student occupation in protest over the ‘sending down’ of a student.

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Cat no. 483

Universities of Britain: The University of East Anglia

Running time30:09 Colour Sound 1974 Norwich, Norfolk

By 1974 UEA had 3,000 students. This account of the first ten years development of the University was originally made for a television series about new universities broadcast in the Netherlands, and was subsequently adapted for use by UEA as an admissions film.

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Cat no. 88254

The Gift

Running time52:06 Colour Sound 1979 Norwich, Norfolk

An Anglia Television feature about the Sainsbury Centre for Creative Arts at UEA, exploring the collection generously donated by Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury and the building designed by Norman Foster to house it. Filmed around the time of opening, this shows the building as originally conceived before the replacement of cladding, and extension wings.

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Cat no. 921

University of East Anglia

Running time17:59 Colour Sound 1982 Norwich, Norfolk

A short promotional film focused on the experience of students.

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