Films about film

A selection of films illustrating different aspects of film making and screening, both amateur and professional.

Cat no. 6582

The Opening of the British Instructional Film Studios

Running time4:10 Black & White Silent 1928 Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Guests walk from the railway station across the fields to the new studios of British Instructional Films. The company made a wide range of educational films for classroom use, and was already famed for its scientific film series ‘Secrets of Nature’. The studio also produced feature films, and from 1931 was the home of British International Pictures.

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Cat no. 598

Film Making Course

Running time16:54 Black & White Sound 1954 Ipswich, Suffolk

Film making courses provided essential training for amateurs and some subsequently became professionals. After the scenes of this course at Belstead House, the three films made by the participants are shown, ending with a creepy drama.

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Cat no. 826

Ipswich Film Society

Running time4:05 Black & White Silent 1956 Ipswich, Suffolk

Film appreciation with a sense of humour. This is one of many films in the archive shot by Don Chipperfield of Ipswich, and it includes all the playful clichés about early cinema and the film fanatic. The Edwardian film projector is now preserved (and occasionally used) in the film archive.

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Cat no. 1263

Movie Making

Running time9:06 Black & White Silent c.1958 Norfolk, Norfolk

An instructional film for the amateur film maker using 8mm film who might be trying to improve their family and personal films, or working with others in a cine club.

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Cat no. 129

The Last Show

Running time6:09 Black & White Silent 1961 Norwich, Norfolk

The film begins with a brief survey of cinemas closing due to the competition from television. The final day of the Norvic was filmed by David Cleveland, later founder of the East Anglian Film Archive, who was working there at the time.

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Cat no. 154424

Film In The Making: The Go-Between

Running time4:49 Black & White Sound 1970 Melton Constable, Norfolk

The Go-Between is one of the most celebrated films made on location in the East of England region, based on a evocative novel specifically set in Norfolk. Filmed and interviewed by Anglia Television, director Joseph Losey and actors Julie Christie and Margaret Leighton would have pleased local viewers with their enthusiasm for the county.

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Cat no. 1337

Village Hall Film Show

Running time4:13 Colour Silent c.1980 Sea Palling, Norfolk

David Tate, a professional film projectionist, enjoyed presenting small film shows for local groups and societies, bringing the heavy projectors, loudspeakers, screen and film in his car. For many people, the small local film show was their introduction to film, and these shows included a wider range of film than the mainstream cinema.

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