What is in the East Anglian Film Archive?

The collection comprises about twelve thousand hours of film and up to thirty thousand hours of videotape. The content mainly relates to the East of England region (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk). It also includes collections of national and international content.  All of the material is for educational and cultural use.

Who owns the films?

Most of the material is not owned by UEA and, therefore, it cannot be used for commercial purposes. The biggest collection, that of Anglia Television (about 7,500 hours of film), is owned by ITV plc and the second biggest is owned by the BBC (about 1,000 hours of film). The film library of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (400 hours) is the third major collection on deposit at the Archive.

All the other films (about 3,000 hours) are in 700 individual collections from hundreds of individuals, families, companies and organisations.  These collections range in size from a single item to 100 hours.

Are all the films in the Archive available to view on this website?

No. This is a selection of 200 hours of film (1,200 titles) to demonstrate the diversity of the collection, ranging from 1896 to 2010.

How can I find out about other films in the East Anglian Film Archive?

Go to unionsearch.bfi.org.uk Search Your Film Archives, the national joined up database of films held in public sector film archives. This contains descriptions of more than 3,500 films in the East Anglian Film Archive, as well as films held by many other public sector film archives in the UK.

 For further enquiries about the East Anglian Film Archive’s collections, contact the Archive on 01603 592664 and speak to Archivist Jane Alvey; or email her:  j.alvey@uea.ac.uk

Please note that Jane works three days a week and may take some time to reply.

Can the Archive copy my film or video to DVD or a computer file for me?

No. The Archive has the technical facilities to work on its own collections but it does not have enough staff to offer a commercial copying service at present. Please see links below to companies that may be able to help you:

BBC Studios and Post Production for transfers from film

Prime Focus for transfers from film

DJM for transfers from videotape (in Norwich)

Does the Archive publish and sell DVDs?

No; but you might find what you want by going to http://www.timereel.co.uk/ which publishes some DVDs containing film sourced from the East Anglian Film  Archive.

Would the Archive be interested in receiving my films?

The Archive is interested to hear from individuals with offers of moving image material, including film and video.  You can contact us by emailing eafa@uea.ac.uk.  It would be helpful, in the intial email, if you could provide us with the following information; the number of films you are offering (eg. number of cans or videos), and if known, the format of the film or video, the contents (eg a film title, date, filmmaker, and/or subject matter), and the name of any known copyright holders.  

Are there any opportunities for employment at The East Anglian Film Archive?

Not at the moment; any positions which become available will be advertised on the University of East Anglia’s website: www.uea.ac.uk/hr/jobs

Are there any opportunities for volunteering at The East Anglian Film Archive?

Unfortunately there are currently no volunteering opportunities.

Does the Archive give film shows?

The archive does not offer film shows but instead we work with external and internal UEA partners on screenings and other types of public engagement.  If you are a project co-ordinator who wishes to organise a screening as part of a larger project please get in touch with us by email at eafa@uea.ac.uk.