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Anglia News: Mrs Bessie Braddock

Running time2:43 Black & White Sound 1962 Costessey, Norfolk

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Labour politician, Mrs Bessie Braddock makes a public speech, in support of the Labour Party and its candidate, politician Geoffrey Bennett, for the forthcoming Central Norfolk by-election seat.



Colin Bower interviews Mr Jack Andrews, an Independent candidate in the by-election, who explains his reason for standing as a political candidate. Mr Andrews explains it was a tactical decision, allowing him the freedom to be released from duty in the Royal Air Force.

Background Information:

The Norfolk Central by-election, was held on 22 November 1962.
The results were:- Mr IHJ Gilmour (Conservative & National Liberal) 13,268; Mr G Bennett (Labour) 13,048; Mr G M Goode (Liberal) 7,915; Mr K Colman (Independent Liberal) 909; Mr J Andrews (Independent) 79.
Ian Gilmour was elected as Member of Parliament for Central Norfolk, winning by 220 votes.

Featured People:

British Labour politician, Bessie Braddock; Independent 1962 Norfolk Central By-election candidate, Mr Jack Andrews

Featured Organisations:

The Labour Party

Anglia Television