Cat no. 957

Ripe Earth

Running time10:44 Black & White Sound 1938 Thaxted, Essex

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Documentary made by John and Roy Boulting focusing on harvest time.



Early morning scenes around a farm, featuring pigs, chickens, geese and cattle. The livestock are let out into the sunshine. A tractor pulls a binder while boys and men stand in a cornfield waiting for rabbits to break cover. Two rabbits are shot. The sheaves of corn are stood up to dry in stooks, before farm workers relax and eat lunch by a hedge. The sheaves are pitched into wagons and carted to the stack. At a local windmill, the grain is ground. There are scenes of Morris Dancing and a harvest supper. In the local church the Reverend Conrad Noel leads the harvest thanksgiving service.

Background Information:

Documentary made by John and Roy Boulting before they became famous for their cinema feature films.

Featured People:

Reverend Conrad Noel

Charter Films

Roy Boulting

John Boulting

Ken Perry

Lionel Harrow

Roy Boulting

Leo Genn

Musical Direction by Charles Brill