Cat no. 861

The First 1000 Foot TV Mast

Running time15:01 Colour Sound 1959 Mendlesham, Suffolk

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Documentary about the first 1000 ft television mast erected in Mendlesham.


DocumentaryIndustrial / Sponsored FilmPromotional

Opening with a brief commentary on the history of television transmission in the UK, the film documents the design and construction of the first 1000 foot television mast in Mendlesham, Suffolk during the hot summer of 1959. Following the different stages of construction, commentary explains the logistics of assembling the tallest television transmitter in Europe. The labour force and materials employed are featured, including the Hereford-based steelworkers, Painter Bros Ltd and the British Insulated Callender’s Construction Company.

This film documents a landmark moment for the people of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex as the aerial would enable them to receive the new Independent Television channel that was coming to their region.

Background Information:

The Mast was designed and erected by British Insulated Callender’s Construction Company Limited.

Featured Organisations:

Painter Bros Ltd, steelworkers

The BIC Construction Company Film Unit

British Insulated Callender’s Construction Company Limited