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Bostock Gazette: Visit of Prince of Wales

Running time1:31 Black & White Silent 1930 Ipswich, Suffolk

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The Prince of Wales visits Ipswich and opens the Arboretum.



The Prince of Wales is shown landing at Ipswich Airport in his private plane, a Westland Wapiti Ia, J9095. HRH alights from the aircraft and leaves with the Mayor of Ipswich, Mr. A.L. Clouting. There is a welcoming ceremony at the airport. This part of the film is shot over the heads of the crowd and it is difficult to see the Prince's party under the canopy. The Prince travels to Ipswich in a motorcade. The film appears to have been shot from a moving car. The motorcade passes cheering crowds, mainly children, waving flags. The Prince is welcomed at Ipswich School by the Headmaster, Mr. E.C. Sherwood. He opens the Arboretum and is seen walking in the gardens. At the end of the film there is a brief shot of the party entering the Town Hall.

Background Information:

The Prince of Wales opened Ipswich Airport on 26th June, 1930, flying in his personal Westland Wapiti. Earlier that morning, the Mayor of Ipswich, AL Clouting, had flown in carrying the Air Ministry full licence for the aerodrome. The aerodrome was managed by the Suffolk Aero Club on behalf of the Ipswich Corporation. Also present in the welcoming party for His Royal Highness was Sir T. Courtney-Warner, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk.

The Prince of Wales also visited Ransomes' Orwell Works, and Christchurch Park to see the Wolsey Pageant and received the title deeds of Wolsey's Gate during this visit to Ipswich. A.L. Clouting, an agricultural instrument maker, was Ipswich's first Labour Mayor.

Featured People:

HRH The Prince of Wales; Mr. A.L. Clouting, Mayor of Ipswich; EC Sherwood MA, Headmaster of Ipswich School

Featured Events:

The visit of the Prince of Wales to Ipswich School, 1930

Featured Buildings:

Ipswich School; Ipswich Town Hall

Bostock Gazette

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