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Terry Wiles: Man's Estate

Running time29:39 Colour Sound 1980

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A BBC East documentary profiling the life of thalidomide sufferer Terry Wiles.


BiographyDocumentaryHealth and MedicineTelevision

On the occasion of his 18th birthday, this BBC East documentary celebrates the remarkable life of Terry Wiles, a thalidomide baby abandoned by his mother, and later adopted by Cambridgeshire couple Hazel and Leonard 'Len' Miles.

Using archival footage and interviews with Terry, Hazel, Len and others, the film begins by highlighting Terry's childhood and teenage years, improved drastically by Len's ingenious inventions, especially a highly versatile electric wheelchair. It also covers his home life and hobbies, his love of fishing, his studies at Huntingdon Technical College and his plans for the future.

Featured People:

Hazel Wiles; Leonard 'Len' Wiles; Terrence 'Terry' Wiles

Featured Organisations:

Huntingdon Technical College

Featured Buildings:

Huntingdon Technical College

BBC East

Douglas Salmon

Ian Brown