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Calling Blighty Burma

Running time11:57 1945

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Second World War troops in Burma send messages home.



This film was made for showing to invited audiences in local cinemas. There are views of local people in the fields in Burma and then Captain Horner speaks to the camera from in front of the River Irrawaddy. There is a broken bridge in the background. Captain Horner gives a propaganda message about driving out the Japanese and about having revenge. The men that follow him give personal, family messages. Most of these, among them from Sid Tays, Ted Eustace and Charlie Fanthorpe, offer family messages. They reassure all that they are well and will be home soon.Other messages are filmed from around the ruined streets of Mandalay. Major Bothway sends a message to all in Wrenningham and Erpingham. This is far more personal than the Captain's message. A Corporal speaks of looking into the Irrawaddy; another speaks of being in Mandalay. Another thanks Mr. Yallop for cigarettes that he is sending the regiment. Mrs. Mays is thanked later for sending cigarettes and money. Other men speaking are Private Hanson, Private Brown and Corporal Cox. Many of the names of the men are inaudible. The film ends showing local families travelling in ox drawn carts along the road through the ruined town.


Norfolk (Norfolk Regiment In India), c. 1944, Calling Blighty.The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment crossed the Irrawaddy on February 27th, 1945.

Featured People:

Major Bothway; Private Brown; Corporal Cox; Ted Eustace; Soldiers of the Royal Norfolk Regiment. Charlie Fanthorpe; Private Hanson; Captain Horner; Sid Tays; Mr. Yallop; Norfolk Residents; Mrs. Mays

Featured Organisations:

The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment.

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