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Look East: Corby Closure

Running time3:37 Colour Sound 1980 Corby, Northamptonshire

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BBC Look East report on British Steel closures in Corby.


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John Kiddey reporting from Corby in Northamptonshire, where workers at the British Steel foundry, on which the town built its name, face their last week on the job before the plant finally closes. Workers arriving at the foundry are interviewed, expressing their sadness at the closure and their poor prospects for finding suitable employment in the local area.

Also interviewed is local Iron & Steel Trades Confederation leader Mick Skelton, who suggests that, despite the short-term attractiveness of redundancy payments for local families, their long-term prospects are much bleaker unless the town can attract reasonable employment. And whilst the tube works are staying open for the foreseeable future, John Kiddey concludes his report by raising concerns about their ongoing viability.

Featured People:

Mick Skelton, Iron & Steel Trades Confederation local leader

Featured Organisations:

British Steel; Iron & Steel Trades Confederation

Featured Buildings:

Corby Steelworks

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