Cat no. 213923

A Guide to Keeping People In, Up and Out

Running time9:15 Colour Sound c.1973

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A promotional film about reinforced concrete walls.


DocumentaryIndustrial / Sponsored FilmPromotional

A promotional film, sponsored by Bison Concrete, looking at the design, manufacture and installation of reinforced concrete walls and panels. Filmed in the factory and on location at building sites, it draws together animated diagrams, time-lapse photography and plenty of puns to highlight the company's products.

The film covers the whole range of applications for reinforced concrete, from pre-fabricated exterior walls to replace costly and time-consuming brickwork, to the use of reinforced concrete columns and load-bearing wall panels for interior construction. Factory design testing is shown, along with the construction of reinforced concrete panels, tailor made to design with textured finishes and mouldings, resulting in elegant, simple and economical structures.

Featured Organisations:

Bison Concrete Limited

Bison Film Unit

Concrete Limited

John Chittock

John Chittock

Deryck Guyler