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Lombank Trophy Meeting, Snetterton

Running time17:40 Black & White Sound 1961 Snetterton, Norfolk

Anglia Television sports news reporting from Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, documenting the first international meeting of the year, The Lombank Trophy, and featuring interviews with key Formula 1 drivers.



Pre-race interviews with key competitors; John Surtees, Roy Salvadori, Jim Clark, Innes Ireland and Jack Brabham and close ups of each at the starting line. With narration provided by Anglia Television, intercut by official racing commentary; visuals capture all the action of the Formula 1 racing cars on the circuit, with close-ups of spectators. Innes Ireland is interviewed following his car’s mechanical failure and consequent withdrawal from the race. Finally, Jack Brabham is announced the winner. He discusses Innes Ireland’s unfortunate result, his personal satisfaction of the race and details his next international meeting.


Contains audio without visuals at the beginning and end of the footage.

Featured People:

John Surtees, Roy Salvadori, Jim Clark, Innes Ireland and Jack Brabham; Formula 1 drivers.

Featured Events:

The Lombank Trophy International Meeting, 1961

Anglia Television