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Ovaltine Autumn Tour: Norwich Welcomes Muhammad Ali

Running time20:47 Colour Sound 1971 Norwich, Norfolk

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Muhammad Ali visits Norwich on his UK promotional tour for Ovaltine.



Arriving at Norwich Railway Station to a crowd of fans and autograph hunters, boxing legend and Ovaltine fan Muhammad Ali continues his UK tour promoting the malted milk drink. At the Downsway Supermarket on St Stephen's Street, a huge crowd assembles in the street to catch a glimpse of their sporting hero. Inside, Ali signs tins of Ovaltine for his admirers, many of whom are interviewed about the experience of meeting the great man and his prospects in a rematch against Joe Frazier, who had delivered Ali's first ever professional defeat in the 'Fight of the Century' earlier that year.

At a press conference, Ali talks about how his tour of the 'little country towns' of England showed just how many followers he has of every different race, colour and creed, and how that will help him prepare for his next meeting with Frazier. After a quick Ovaltine break he discusses his love for the product and speaks of the Norwich trip as the 'most civilized' of the whole tour. In a separate interview with Anglia correspondent Vic Birtles, Ali shares his advice with aspiring boxers, encouraging them to learn a trade instead, and talks about his career, his life outside boxing and his opinion of Britain as a 'civilized country'. The programme concludes with a brief interview with Ovaltine employee John Wadsworth, with whom Ali discusses the product and its health benefits for people of all ages.

Featured People:

Muhammad Ali; Mr Godden, Ovaltine representative; John Wadsworth, Ovaltine employee

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Ovaltine UK

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Muhammad Ali's visit to Norwich, 1971

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