Cat no. 1801

Calling V.H.F.

Running time26:51 Colour Sound 1955 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

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An instructional film for sales engineers on V.H.F. communications equipment and how to sell it.


EducationalPromotionalScience and Technology

Stephen Jack describes how V.H.F. communications can benefit the police, ambulances and taxis and factories. He explains three classes of prospect - those who know V.H.F. and want it, those who know but think they don't want it and those who don't yet know. The salesman must convince their customers of the economics of V.H.F. communications and how the scheme is worthwhile to them.

Background Information:

Pye Ltd. was an electronics company founded in Cambridge and is currently owned by Philips. It was founded in 1896 by William George Pye, an employee of the Cavendish Laboratory, and manufactured instruments that were used for teaching and research. Pye Communications Ltd division was formed in February 1944, where it designed and produced radio communications equipment when the war ended. This company developed and grew into the leading UK producer of mobile radio equipment for commercial, business, industrial, police and government purposes.

Pye Ltd. Telecommunications Division

Paul Crosfield

Harry Orchard

Roy Cole

Dorothy Stimpson