Cat no. 1317

A Romance of Co-operation

Running time5:27 Black & White Sound 1941 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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The co-operative in Peterborough and their locally produced goods.


DocumentaryIndustrial / Sponsored FilmPromotional

Shots over the rooftops of Peterborough City Centre, showing Peterborough Cathedral. The commentary explains that the Peterborough And district Co-operative Society has 55,000 members. The film shows some of the services to members. A baker calls at a house. There are exterior and interior scenes of the Peterborough And District Co-operative Society Bakery where 152,000 loaves are baked each week. Some of these are taken away by a horse drawn conveyance. The film shows the dairy section of the Co-operative Society. Milk is delivered by a delivery woman and there are scenes of cows in fields. The commentary explains that milk comes from local farms and from co-operative farms in Yaxley and Graffham. It is pasteurised and bottled at the dairy. After shots of other farm animals, there are interior scenes from the dairy. The film returns to a shot of milk on a doorstep. A woman comes out and collects it. A shot of the central depot shows a fleet of Co-operative Society vans leaving to deliver to homes in the 1000 square mile district. The exterior of a Co-operative Society store is shown with the window display and women shopping. A woman leaves her home (and leaves the door open) to shop at the co-op. A delivery boy loads a handcart. There are shots of the Central Buildings, housing the Education and training Department. There is a static shot of the newspaper produced - the Peterborough Co-operator. There are shots of other co-operative stores to close the film.

Background Information:

Joseph Reeves was a celebrated Co-operative film maker

Featured Organisations:

Peterborough And District Co-operative Society

Featured Buildings:

Peterborough Cathedral

Worker's Film Association

The Education Committee of The Peterborough And District Co-operative Society, Ltd

Joseph Reeves

E. Yospar

Jospeh Reeves