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These people worked on the ‘Building the People’s Digital Film Archive for the East of England’ project, completed on 24 November 2011:

Project management and outreach

Jane Alvey Head of Collections
Andy Brooks Administration Assistant
Clare Ellis Operations and Project Administration
Lucy Gilberthorpe Outreach Archivist
Sean Kelly Digital Workflow
James Layton Workflow Co-ordinator
Katherine Mager Access Archivist, Stills and Rights Editor
Richard Taylor Director     
Peter White   Head of Technical Development
Amelia Worley Senior Access Archivist


Mellissa Beeken Cataloguer and Rights Clearance
Oliver Clifford Cataloguer
Phillip Collins IAC Librarian
Linda Dryburgh-Smith Cataloguer
Kelly Kreft Cataloguer
Stephen Morgan Cataloguer
Maria Passingham Cataloguer
Úna Phillips Cataloguer     
Robin Sampson Cataloguer
Olwen Terris Senior Indexer and Cataloguing Consultant
Louise Watling Cataloguer

Technical crew

Daniel Carrington Film Conservator
Toby Doddridge Digital File Editor
Eleanor Hill Telecine Operator
Brian Hurrell Telecine Operator
Stewart Orr Audio Engineer
Geoff Osborne Electronics Engineer
Holly Silvester Telecine Operator
Peter Smolka Telecine Engineer
Danuta Zoledziewska Film Conservator

Website, database and mobile film show unit development

Simon Cooke, SPC Media Ltd Technical Website Development
David Earl Database Developer and Website Concepts
Andrew McAfee Multimedia Consultant
Christian Zavanaiu Art Director

Freelance advisors and researchers

Martin Ayres Archive Researcher
David Cleveland Author 'Films Were Made'
Pamela Larmour Website evaluation
Caroline Merz Archive Researcher
Greg Newton Ingham IT Consultant
Verity Peet   Project Proposal Consultant

'About an Archive'  film crew and cast

Roger Banks Location Sound
Bernard Cribbins OBE As himself
Mark Dodd Lighting Cameraman
Ray Gotts Film Editor
Roger Lloyd Pack Narrator
Bennet Maples Dubbing Mixer
Martin Rosten Trailer Design
Alison Starsmore   Producer and Director